Fri...☮Jan.. 24☮2014 ღ Blog Randomized #1

This is so random and could be meaningless but hey, you write whenever you are inspired to regardless of whatever the crap it might be. Ho ho hoo. 

On a side note, I hate to commit to writing a "planned" blog post, because I am such a procrastinator and I would feel so much pressure to get it done in a timely manner. I am already pressurized enough with all these school work that I have. So I apologize in advance. Also, I feel that more true feelings out come from a random blog.

So what happened today ...(hate having my hands on the keyboard after putting on hand lotion!!!) was that I almost got into a depression when I couldn't find my pencil case in my backpack aka anywhere else!!!!!! T____________T. WELL, to lessen the exaggeration if you deemed that it was... I really tried to recall the last memory that I had of my pencil case intensively for a good couple of hours instead of focusing on the reading I had to do for tomorrow, I am serious. What's worse? I couldn't recall ANYTHING after all those recalling.. FAIL. I mean by no means did I lose something super expensive or anything of that nature, but it has been my baby ever since my freshman year of college...and it has been with me through my A's and (mostly..:() B's, and I lost my favorite, super durable pencil of all time...try to imagine that (expense....eco-friendliness). So...
Sometimes things(is there a better word for things? idk...) of memories could leave you much bigger of an impact than things that are only of monetary values. My thought: cherish what's meaningful to you while you can, anything can happen in the next minute or even second, you should care to live every second of the life that you got. or IN my other words, stop day dreaming. 

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So long peeps!
ღ Alaina


Sat..☮Nov. 23☮2013 ღ Styling combat boots!

First and foremost, SORRY FOR THE DELAY!
YAY!! I am back!!!! after.................................. (almost two months), SORRY! Schoool takes up all of my time T_T! Now that I am back, how proud are you of me? (JK!) I am just on a little break that I needed so badly!! I literally worked my @ss off when I had two exams and one paper in the week before my break---for the first time in my college career that I had so many things going on in one week (I hope I at least did okay).....and so that was my little update on my college life (of course there are a lot more but there's no need to go too deep in, heheh..)

Alright, let me show you some of my favorite, casual outfits I've wearing for the fall (my favorite season!!).

When it comes to fall, I am all about my combat boots, earthy-tone cardigans and scarfs! I don't want to sound repetitive but I am one broke college student, so I love mixing and matching pieces to create new outfits, and that's how I roll, whether you agree with  my ways of pairing things or not, I hope you get some ideas on how you can make more wear out of your fall/winter pieces. They all are just my eco-friendly tips. I am not one that follow trends and buy new pieces whenever they out come, but I do buy ones that are more versatile and budget-friendly.

ღ Stripped Sweater - Forever21ღ  Maroonish Pants- Love Cultureღ  Studded Chiffon Topღ 

ღ Cardigan- UrbanOufittersღ 

ღ Cardigan- Forever21ღ  Studded Denim Shirt- Forever21ღ 

ღ Leather Jacket - Macy's ღ  Plaid Shirt- H&M

This is an old pair that I've had for more than 2 years now. I am sooooooooo sad that they are getting so torn up though, cuz I wear them for at least 4 times a week since they are fast to put on and  I can think of so many outfits to wear with them!! They've seriously been through the thick and thin with me :(.

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I need to be stress-free for finals!
ღ Alaina


Wed.☮Oct. 23☮2013 ღ Have you ever(you prob. have but I am still gonna ask:)

一个人走总要更大的勇气,告诉自己要坚强的活下去,以后才会无怨无悔。 但也会有那么的时候,我会觉得我的坚强是多余的,或许我要承认,要承认我也有我软弱的时候 (要改掉我怯弱的心态),或许我需要一个依靠,但同时我明白我不应该那么自私。总要自己坚强的走自己选的路。 

Have you ever doubt yourself, don't feel confident enough in your decisions?
There happened to be way too many occasions where I wouldn't admit to my mistakes, even when it was obvious that I was wrong. It's also clear.. so clear that I didn't have the courage to .. admit that I was indeed .. wrong.

I will follow my heart no matter how many times I get turn down in life, yes, we all have made decisions without processing them before our brains, but isn't this how life is supposed to be? (or it could just be fate) There isn't a GPS of life telling you how to get to your destination, you are indeed, you own GPS. Well, if you make a wrong turn, tell yourself that it is okay to travel that how many extra miles you need. It might and does seem unfair that you have to travel those extra miles, but be happy that you have those extra miles to travel to, because whatever you learn will be yours to keep forever. Just be confident that at last, you are the one who has the ability to guide yourself to your own unique destination, wherever that might be, believe in YOU, 

it is not where life takes you, it is where you want to take your life to. 

Be the YOU you want to be,


Thurs.☮Aug. 29☮2013 ღ Once again..

It has been quite a while since my last post. I have been extremely  busy with getting ready for my junior year of college in the past few days, it was indeed very hectic. This is probably the last post for let's say.. a couple of weeks. I've been meaning to post these pics up days before, but I slacked, forgive me.

A week ago or so, I did a video on "First Day of School Outfits", and here are the pictures.

Please click on the video if interested :)

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Gotta catch up on my reading, ciao