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9:42 PMAlaina

一个人走总要更大的勇气,告诉自己要坚强的活下去,以后才会无怨无悔。 但也会有那么的时候,我会觉得我的坚强是多余的,或许我要承认,要承认我也有我软弱的时候 (要改掉我怯弱的心态),或许我需要一个依靠,但同时我明白我不应该那么自私。总要自己坚强的走自己选的路。 

Have you ever doubt yourself, don't feel confident enough in your decisions?
There happened to be way too many occasions where I wouldn't admit to my mistakes, even when it was obvious that I was wrong. It's also clear.. so clear that I didn't have the courage to .. admit that I was indeed .. wrong.

I will follow my heart no matter how many times I get turn down in life, yes, we all have made decisions without processing them before our brains, but isn't this how life is supposed to be? (or it could just be fate) There isn't a GPS of life telling you how to get to your destination, you are indeed, you own GPS. Well, if you make a wrong turn, tell yourself that it is okay to travel that how many extra miles you need. It might and does seem unfair that you have to travel those extra miles, but be happy that you have those extra miles to travel to, because whatever you learn will be yours to keep forever. Just be confident that at last, you are the one who has the ability to guide yourself to your own unique destination, wherever that might be, believe in YOU, 

it is not where life takes you, it is where you want to take your life to. 

Be the YOU you want to be,

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