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Mon.☮July 15☮2013 ღ Time, where are you going, wait for me.

11:04 PMAlaina

Time is flying by too fast....I can't catch up.

As I wonder about on Analisa's blog yesterday, I came across one of her posts where she dedicated it to only one YouTube video with no outfit pictures. There's a -wise-man in that video who pretty much summed up the way I want to live my life. I love his attitude towards life, someone who was truly passionate about life.

When I was little, people who were older than me assumed that I was way toooo young to understand any of their 'adult businesses', maybe I really was. So they didn't allow me to view the world through their perspectives. As I grew older, the world around me seem to expand yet I can't help but realize how small this world really is. The ways human beings live don't differ much no matter where or how we live, in my opinion. We all are just trying to survive in this what seems to be a 'peaceful' world. The older I get, the more I get to know about this world, the more I know, the more confused I am. I think it was easier for me to tell between right or wrong when I was little than now - a grown up (in terms of age), but mentally? no, I am still not prepared. Yes, I am gullible, but I am learning to analyze, to stand by my own beliefs, and live the way I feel it's right, doesn't matter who tell me otherwise. 

Here' the video. Please believe me when I say this-> it's well worth your time. 

"Reality is ugly, but there is a solution."
ღ Alaina

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