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Weds.☮July 24☮2013 ღ Green Tea filters the mind..

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What?!'s with the title lol..I really don't know? But I am sure green tea is super beneficial to thy body!

I honestly am serious when I say I don't remember the last time my face was pimple-less (-- like this break you get in-between a war, get it?), especially those big, red and painful ones. It's so weird that if you are like me who've had pimples for half of your life, you are forced to accept them as part of your life, or part of your face. It's easier for me to talk about my skin problems now than ever before, because come on!  Life goes on even if your face is full of flaws-  cruel, I know. I might go more in depth* on my journey of struggle with acne growing up in future posts (be sure to check back for gross acne pics :( ) But this is a happy post okay?

*well, not tooo in depth, If I were to go wayyy in depth, I think I can prob write a book about it, an autobiography of acne or some sort, dam sad and boring.

Since my face have not had any big zits lately, I thought I would document it with pictures 
(PS: I've always dread taken closeup pictures, or even just pictures, exceptions: selfies or with crappy cameras).

right side of mah face, scars, blemishes :(
left side looks a bit better, lalalala

I believe that my relaxing life style this summer break definitely helped to better my skin. I will list my 'life style changes' (which are not at all dramatic) I've made in order of importance.

1. Sleep:  although I am guilty of sleeping at the whee hours in the AMs, but I am now able to to get at least 7 hours of sleep everyday, 9 hours the max. Sleeping too much is just going to tire you early in the day. (Isn't it just IMPOSSIBLE to get enough hours of sleep when you are in college? Not sleeping for at least 7 hrs a day is just absolute torture to me.)
2. Water/Green Tea: especially in this weather where my face gets extremely oily and the body (at times) sweats like crazy. The first thing I do every morning once I wake up is to drink 1 FULL glass of water, and drink as much as you can throughout the day. 
3. Healthier food: The food that I eat at home contains much less sodium, oil and sugar compare to what I eat on campus (there really was no choice, having salad for every meal is just impossible for me). I simply know what I am putting into my body with the food I eat at home, so eat healthy whenever you can.
4. A set schedule of face routine: all that there was to my skincare routine when I live on campus was cleanse & moisturize, like that's literally it. No exfoliation nor masks, very bad (time is the problem T_T). But now I cleanse everyday (2x a day), exfoliate every other day and put on some kind of mask (mostly clay mask, to control my overly productive face oil) once a week. 
5. Take advantages of the fruits in season: I now have the time to make juices out of fresh fruits. Recently, I've been having cherry + blueberry + unsweetened soy milk smoothie, just put all in a blender and there ya go!. TOO good to describe, you gotta try! If I could have it everyday, I totally would.
(does it not sound like I am blaming college for everything? oh yeah...I would totally agree with you)

I don't want to bet, because I know I would lose. My face is probably going to go back to its near disastrous stage once school starts.... poor me. There are just times when I try to make an effort to make things better, but then I found myself being eau-so helpless in some situations----> life.

Oh~~~one more thing, I finished this Korean drama "Rooftop Prince" in 3 days...+nights, go figure.

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---think positive---,

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