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Fri...☮Jan.. 24☮2014 ღ Blog Randomized #1

2:45 AMAlaina

This is so random and could be meaningless but hey, you write whenever you are inspired to regardless of whatever the crap it might be. Ho ho hoo. 

On a side note, I hate to commit to writing a "planned" blog post, because I am such a procrastinator and I would feel so much pressure to get it done in a timely manner. I am already pressured enough with all these school work that I have. So I apologize in advance. Also, I feel that more true feelings out come from a random blog.

So what happened today ...(hate having my hands on the keyboard after putting on hand lotion!!!) was that I almost got into a depression when I couldn't find my pencil case in my backpack aka anywhere else!!!!!! T____________T. WELL, to lessen the exaggeration if you deemed that it was... I really tried to recall the last memory that I had of my pencil case intensively for a good couple of hours instead of focusing on the reading I had to do for tomorrow, I am serious. What's worse? I couldn't recall ANYTHING after all those recalling.. FAIL. I mean by no means did I lose something super expensive or anything of that nature, but it has been my baby ever since my freshman year of college...and it has been with me through my A's and (mostly..:() B's, and I lost my favorite, super durable pencil of all time...try to imagine that ( So...
Sometimes things(is there a better word for things? idk...) of memories could leave you much bigger of an impact than things that only hold monetary values. My thought: cherish what's meaningful to you while you can, anything can happen in the next minute or even second, you should care to live every second of the life that you got. or IN my other words, stop day dreaming. 

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So long peeps!
ღ Alaina

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