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Sat..☮Nov. 23☮2013 ღ Styling combat boots!

6:00 PMAlaina

First and foremost, SORRY FOR THE DELAY!
YAY!! I am back!!!! after.................................. (almost two months), SORRY! Schoool takes up all of my time T_T! Now that I am back, how proud are you of me? (JK!) I am just on a little break that I needed so badly!! I literally worked my @ss off when I had two exams and one paper in the week before my break---for the first time in my college career that I had so many things going on in one week (I hope I at least did okay).....and so that was my little update on my college life (of course there are a lot more but there's no need to go too deep in, heheh..)

Alright, let me show you some of my favorite, casual outfits I've wearing for the fall (my favorite season!!).

When it comes to fall, I am all about my combat boots, earthy-tone cardigans and scarfs! I don't want to sound repetitive but I am one broke college student, so I love mixing and matching pieces to create new outfits, and that's how I roll, whether you agree with  my ways of pairing things or not, I hope you get some ideas on how you can make more wear out of your fall/winter pieces. They all are just my eco-friendly tips. I am not one that follow trends and buy new pieces whenever they out come, but I do buy ones that are more versatile and budget-friendly.

ღ Stripped Sweater - Forever21ღ  Maroonish Pants- Love Cultureღ  Studded Chiffon Topღ 

ღ Cardigan- UrbanOufittersღ 

ღ Cardigan- Forever21ღ  Studded Denim Shirt- Forever21ღ 

ღ Leather Jacket - Macy's ღ  Plaid Shirt- H&M

This is an old pair that I've had for more than 2 years now. I am sooooooooo sad that they are getting so torn up though, cuz I wear them for at least 4 times a week since they are fast to put on and  I can think of so many outfits to wear with them!! They've seriously been through the thick and thin with me :(.

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I need to be stress-free for finals!
ღ Alaina

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