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Sat.☮July 20☮2013 ღ OVER reacted!?

11:44 AMAlaina

It's that time of the year again!! OMG! What time of the year? The time to buy textbooks!! -The life of a college student- O GOD! I mean, you might be thinking it's just BUYING textbooks, why is she making such a fuss about it, right?? but no! It's going to be such a huge process for me, because it means that I have to spend a couple of hundreds when I am already broke COUGH**!! On top of that, I will also need to do lots of calculations and do lots of research to find the best deals possible, why shouldn't this be a BIG deal!! I especially hate those courses that have tons of readings and you have to buy like 10 novels for that one class! come on right? Why can't it be just like buy one freaking huge novel and be done with -.- If you are someone like me who are willing to do all kind of research to avoid spending a few hundreds less, I will give you some saving tips :) 
  1. Find out all the books that you'll need for the up-coming semester from your school, I look up mine from my school's bookstore website.
  2. Write down the titles, ISBN's and prices (used ones if possible) for each book, I usually do this on Excel, but tables work just fine on Words.
  3. Go on comparison websites to compare textbook (new and used ones) prices. The two that I found the most helpful are cheapesttextbooks, and bookfinder.
  4. Definitely consider selling back textbooks that are not related to your fields of study, e.g. common requirement courses/ electives, you can also compare textbook buyback prices using the the links above.
  5. If even used books are out of your budget, consider renting your books.               
      Disadvantages of renting textbooks: 
                  -the deadline to send back your books could be before your finals        
                  -if lost, you got to pay it         
                 - can't keep them to study for exams after college, like for graduate school    

After all, maybe I should just try to stress-fully enjoy this moment, because it's 'technically' another online shopping experience of mine; who doesn't like online shopping? You must be kidding me! Plus, there won't be any more of these kinds of stressful moments once I am out of college, so let me learn to complain less.

Continuing on the topic of college.....College education is an investment that I can't afford to hire an investor to look over, well, let's pray to god that I, myself can make some good investment decisions. I definitely want to pay off my debt asap when I get out of college. I hope college is WORTH it. T_T but then, I am wondering why there are so many people who are working different jobs that are not related to their college degree..

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 left me wondering....

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