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6:43 PMAlaina

I've been having this thought on life (yeah, like definitely not sure what sparked that thought?) ... I was trying so hard to try to put life in the simplest form that I can, then the idea of balloon came to mind...? oh really? balloon? Can you make any connection between life and balloon as of now?  hmmm, no? not yet? well maybe not even after I explain my thought . oh silly.

So here's how the story goes.
I had this Creative Poetry course last semester, well, not the worst course I've picked, it was actually quite relaxing for me as I only had it once a week (that lazy side of me). Through out the course, we had to read lots of poems and I must admit that many of them made not much sense to me nor the other people in my class. The thing is, poetry is ...very perceptive to your own experiences., it's very individualized to the readers themselves (in a way that you interpret it with what you've personally experienced) , just like style? get it? A poem can be like a very condensed piece of puzzle that  has soo many clues in it that even the most experienced detective might have a hard time solving. I've read some poems that made complete nonsense to me, they were just weird, out of no where, metaphors that I thought "what the heck!" That's when I concluded that poets are virtually stylists because they can put the most random ideas together and make their poems (outfits) unique, and thus making them very subjective to each reader and everyone has their own take on poems/fashion. I applause you, poets.

Now have you gotten some idea of where my 'life like a balloon' idea sorta came from? yeah, blame it on my course.

But how is life like a balloon? Let me try not to complicate my thought...
I think most of us have played with balloons before, no? When you buy a pack of balloons, they are not inflated, just laying a newborn?. But then, when you start to blow air into it, it slowly yet surely gets bigger and bigger, and in no time, it gets big enough to fly in the air.. care free...until this one day, when it gets too high or gets stuck or just pops .. then it's over. BAM! there ya go, my take on LIFE.

until next post,

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