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I haven't post a blog in quite a while, I am sorry! I've been very busy trying to land my first REAL job out of college and I tried to use my time wisely to prepare for interviews.. Out of all the interviews I had last month, I currently have two companies in mind that I would love to work with, so fingers-crossed for me!
Now that I think about it, everything seems to fall in place and made sense with the ways I like to approach things. I've always been the type of person who love to maximize my resources and be as efficient as much as I can with whatever that I do, sounds confusing? (and you wonder why I haven't figured this out all those times..eh?)
Anyhow, what I am trying to say is how can we maximize our closet when everything seems to go out of style in no time with fast fashion nowadays? I am guilty of shopping at fast fashion stores and often spend the majority of my work-study paycheck on clothes, I mean-I love fashion. I felt guilty not because of how much I spent on clothes, which wasn't a lot considering how affordable "trendy" and in style pieces are these days. I felt guilty because I chose to look at the darker side of the fashion industry and found out the behind the scenes of where and how these super affordable and trendy clothes are made. And the reality of it is something that I could not have imagined, I didn't want to believe that I was supporting unethical business practices. But sadly, it is a reality that not many consumers are aware of when they go shopping. Ever since then, I've become a more conscious consumer trying my best to support responsible businesses. As consumers, it's up to us to make the right choices; it's up to us to support the right business practices; it's up to us to demand changes from big businesses so that we can be the changes that we want to see :)
On that note, I like to buy versatile pieces, or pieces that I can have fun mixing and matching with.
Here's how I styled this one sweater/jumper in 3 ways!

Check out where everything's here:

life is great!

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