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Thur.☮June 27☮2013 ღ Guess what!! It's almost........

11:29 PMAlaina

It's almost July, it's almost  the end of summer (how optimistic?), it's almost school !! hmm... It's almost July for sure. I recently uploaded my first "styling" video on YouTube- Fourth of July Outfits + Nails :) 
That 3 min. or so video seriously took me foreeeeeeeeeever to edit, I didn't know it would be so hard! ( I obviously still am a newbie when it comes to anything photo/video editing, but I sure still have the whole summer to learn what I need to..) Strangely, I am quite liking this 'new' (to me) thing , because it's fun. But nonetheless my love for anything in natural forms is still what I aim for. Sometimes when things are overdone they seem to loose their purposes, you know what I mean? hehe...

btw, I've come to a realization in the past few days despite all what I've done was relaxing at home (it's the best thing right?). so this is how it goes...
What does it really take for someone to want to do something that they would genuinely enjoy? Do you want to do it purely out of the result of happiness, money, fame or is it out of a good heart? I'd say.. a good purpose, whether or not you can get money, fame or happiness (or if money & fame = happiness to you )with that initial purpose you had in mind, someone who started with a good purpose would always end up with much, much more than someone started with a bad one && there goes the journey of a much healthier and fuller life, just saying...**sorry if that was confusing/nonsense. 

So here are some 'photo-shoots' (technically selfies) I did for my last video.

YAY for messy yet put together nails?

Have a fun and safe 4th!

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