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Tuesday☮June 25☮2013 ღ I AM SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!x1000000000 :D

4:51 PMAlaina

This is going to be a completely different post from my previous posts, please get ready for it ! ready? ready? really ready??!
So what is the 'difference" that I am talking(writing) about? I got my first DSLR camera and and and I took my first picture with my own DSLR OMG! Were you this excited when you got your DSLR?? I finally decided to invest in a DSLR because I really wanted something more in my pictures, my love for taking pictures grew so much in the last few years, but never really had the budget for a DSLR. When my school sent me some 500 bucks from a scholarship, I thought the timing couldn't be any better (now I better save money for books :P). I first bought a Nikon 3100 since it was a more affordable DSLR. I mean it was a great camera, I liked how it feels on my hands and it takes great pictures. The only thing I didn't like about it was video recording, I realized how much I needed a 'flip screen' now that I started a YouTube channel :)
Check me out? So at last, I exchanged it for a Rebel T3i, I haven't had enough time to test it out yet, but will let you know lata!

Also, I recently bought some makeup brushes from Amazon. I was mainly looking for some face brushes. I don't know much about 'full face' makeup so I thought I would just buy a few more affordable ones to try out. The first pack of brushes are from Ecotools, and the other one from Real Techniques. (pics taken with Nikon 3100, touched up with Fotor)

 I quite liked their eye makeup brushes and these sure didn't disappoint. I got these for about $9, and for that price, I think the quality exceeded my expectations. The bristles are so soft and I would say they give a nice application. (I have yet to try the buff brush)

I love how CUTE the designs on the handles are, they are just right on the spot with the Eco-friendly theme aren't they? Simple, clean, just the way I like it :) The only con I found so far is that these handles are really quite small for my hand to yet get use to.

 This is my first stippling foundation brush and after using it for a few times, I would say that it applies foundation much better than any other tools (fingers, sponges, other brushes)  I've used to apply foundation before. The bristles are dense therefore it blends the foundation in quite nicely. The only recommendation I have is to apply the right (texture/type) foundation with this brush. The reason being that this brush gave me a smoother finish with my Estee Lauder Double Wear (thanks to my friend :) than say with  Lioele BB Cream.

Now, what yall think of the picture quality? :).

Until next time!

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