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I just felt so compelled to write this post...

2:56 PMAlaina

for I am quite lost right now.

I am really into fashion, it’s almost an obsession. Anything I do on my (very) free time is almost always fashion related, from watching Youtube videos on how to style fashion lookbooks, to stalking fashion bloggers, to double tapping on Instagram OOTD’s, I’ve done it all and will continue to do. There’s something about this form of art expression that intrigues me a lot, by a lot, I mean >a lot. Call it expression, call it personality, call it finding confidence, fashion plays a big part in my life. For as long as I can remember, I was never a confident type of person. There was always something that didn’t feel right for me, I was simply living the routine life that I was told to live because I was passion-less. I knew nothing outside of the subjects I was taught in school, and I had zero interest in any of those subjects. School was limiting and it felt like a bunch of chores that I needed to get done so that I could ultimately get that college degree. By the end of high school, I was still asking the same old questions, “what do I major in? What do I want to do?”. 

For the longest time, I hated shopping because I felt so insecured with my body that nothing seem to fit right on me. Personal style did not exist in my world.  Little did I knew though, college was the time when a lot of things started changing, and my style was a big part of it. I started watching clothesencouters on Youtube and Jen really inspired me to explore my options and style. Then slowly and surely, I gained more confidence in the clothes that I wear because my mindset was changed. I realized that I was never going to look the same way as somebody else who wears the same outfit. We are all different, our body types are different, our preferences of styles are different, the way we look at ourselves is different, the way we want to be perceived is different, or for some, non-existent. What look good on others should not make you feel less capable of you looking at your best, if that make sense. And so it is through this journey of figuring out my personal style that I learned so much about myself, about what I love, and it has totally changed the way I look at fashion.

Oh man, college was such an eye-opening experience for me. You meet people from all walks of life and when you are surrounded by people who actually have goals, and truly care to make changes in this world, there’s always positive energy surrounding you that you just can’t resist. Sure we all have different goals and passions for life, but what we all have in common is, to make this world a better, and lovelier place. And I care for all living species alike.

Live it up to your aspirations,  dreams and all that.
Today is the youngest you'll ever be,

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