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2:09 AMAlaina

One day I woke up, and the idea of starting a blog just came to me, surprisingly I had the energy too..to start a blog. Um... weird, because I usually don't have energy to do anything other than going to classes for a few hours, especially during this winter break, I acted more like a pig than a human. Okay, I kinda lied :/. I had been thinking of starting a blog for quite a while now..mostly in my mind. Over the break, I really just had nothing to do, thus I am doing my 2nd post :).
Growing up, I was not into anything beauty/fashion at all, my outfits were almost too casual, because I simply didn't have any interest in them. Beauty-wise, I've been into taking care of my skin since acne strike on my face, which dates years back... but I wasn't into makeup or anything. I started wearing minimal makeup in high school, putting concealer/eyeliner here and there. Now, I found myself impossible to live without concealer!! I blame sleepless college life~ Also, ever since I started college, my style have 'unexpectedly' changed.. yep, quite unexpectedly... as I try to show more of what I am like through what I wear, you know? like an expression! And now, I am addicted to anything beauty and fashion!
Summing up, I plan to share my affordable outfit ideas for students on a budget, and doing reviews on skincare products or anything that I find the need to be shared. Hopefully you will enjoy my future posts!

Sharing things affordable,

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  1. Love love love your blog!
    Just seen it today and I'm glad.

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :D

    Kenneillia M.







  2. I followed! Thanks for stopping by :)


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