Life?!? AH!!!!!!

2:56 PMAlaina

So my spring semester has officially started a week ago.. After attending all my 4 classes for the first time this semester, I must say.. I don't know if I am going to survive! Arg!! And all of a sudden, I begin to rethink about whether the major I picked is right for me.. WHAT?! Am I crazy? I mean it's still not too late to pick/change a major but I've always found it just too much to
'change' after going quite far.....NOW, I know that it IS okay, it's never really too late, it will all be worth it at the end when you realize that the time you've taken to pick what you really like and want rather than what you need is going to be much more satisfying in the long run. Alright?

Ya, these few days I feel like I've lost myself, it was that piece of me that I want to hold on to, that part of me that really know what I really want to do in life, which is a really small piece, but a real significant one. But a big part of me keeps telling me, NO, don't keep it, 'it' is not at all within my ability to keep it....
Idk, they say that things will eventually all into their own places right? But what happened to 'chase after your dream'?
I will keep wandering...until I find my clear path.


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