11:34 PMAlaina

What am I best at? You guessed it, I am the best at procrastinating!! It's very true, I've been proficient at procrastinating  since years ago, so if you ever got questions about this topic, ask me, I will be more than happy to assist you on it :(.
My college 'free' times are to spend on getting my procrastinating skills to the next level. I could always be doing something other than my assignments,. Although I anticipated this weekend to be very busy, but I still managed to start my work at the very last minute. I've been spending 90% of this weekend doing things that I wanted but not needed done. Such as painting my nails...writing this blog... catching up on shows...:D. See, I told you, what a pro I am at procrastinating! Well, gotta shower~ Chao!

See what I've been doing on my 'free' time below!

Until next time~

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