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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I simply can't hold on to this HUMILIATION any longer. SORRY if this is somewhat OUT THERE.

Sh*ts people say, shi*ts people do, it's pitiful how ignorant some people really are. I've never liked having eye exams since I had my first one, those 'eye doctors' are tough man!.. on my eyes, omfg, they literally rip your eyes out if your eyes are sensitive like mine and wouldn't open up when they are supposed to during eye exams, I do NOT want premature wrinkles, what don't people understand! Just a little bit of gentleness wouldn't hurt, at all. Not only that, I hate how those solutions make my eyes feel, esp. when they had to put it in my eyes every SINGLE time. Ok, so I thought maybe it was this one bad 'doctor' that you just get once in a while, but NO, it wasn't true at all.

Today, I went to get my eye exam for contact lenses from a different clinic, a different doctor. Totally wrong, the worse was yet to come, OMG!!this 'doctor' whom I thought looked kind...(.coughing out blood** ) he literally tear the he*l out of my eyes.

I've worn contact lenses before, but only for a few times during the 1/2 year that those contacts were good for. So I basically struggled every time when I had to put them in, and I though that was the reason why I had a hard time putting them in, but no, this wasn't the reason this sh*ty 'doctor told me.NEVER was I aware of it.......

He was trying to put in contact lenses for me so that I can have my exam, and surely he struggled, because I unconsciously kept closing my eyes.. whenever a foreign object comes near., it just so happened, which means my eyes were not FULLY opened. so.. BIG revelation...he concluded that my eyes were tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo small for contacts (no exaggeration, that was how SURPRISED he was at the size of my eyes), he told that to me straight to my face, like BAM! "you got the smallest eyes I've EVER seen", (<----and no, this was not one of the reasons why I haven't had contacts for so long.)

 I was like.. wow, okay, maybe I should be listed in the Guinness world records then? with the title of - the smallest Asian eyes?? haha, H3LL NO! he (Asian himself)  even told me that he've never, ever seen such 'small' eyes in his 30+ years career, yeah, I wonder why your clinic is still the size of a kitchen after all those years.. I prob. went to the suckiest (made up word) clinic ever! He even said even the smallest contacts wouldn't fit in my eyes (yeah I really wonder why, please update yourself on what's going on in your industry). I wonder why you were not the one who invented colored lenses (used to achieve the appearance of larger eyes), or if he even know what they are for.. or if he even know why there are cosmetic surgeons who are making so much more than him, they are all for the sake of 'small' eyed people okay?? which are mostly Asians.. cough cough** And not like I am going to get color lenses or surgery, I pretty much just felt humiliated and hated how many times he repeatedly 'blaming' me for having 'small' eyes, when he just couldn't do his dam job right. He should've known how to deal with different patients' eyes. Cos we are ALL different despite the size, there's something called 'comfort level'.

I don't deny the FACT that I have small (not the smallest) eyes, and I do have the AVERAGE (not below avg.) size of Asian eyes, just saying..

Maybe he just couldn't open his dam eyes to see, or he might just need better READING glasses after all....唉。。能医不自医最可怕. END OF MY RANT.

OOTD (extremely sorry for the messy background #sorrynotsorry :P)

OOTD from the other day.


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