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Things I am SUPER sensitive about....what is & what used to be

6:45 PMAlaina

Now............I apologize for not writing a post for more than a month.. cuz I honestly haven't put any thought into what I wanted to write, I went crazy over internship searching, attending summer & night school for the first time in my has been pretty hectic and I dont know, not being to able to get an internship that I so ever wanted had been seriously giving some time and thoughts about what I could do with my life.. anyway, let me just move on with what I want to touch on in this post...insecurities.

No one can deny the fact that everyone of us has insecurities, the difference being how much of you that you take in as insecurities and how much you allow yourself to be affected by those insecurities...As for me, if I shall be honest with you, I have a few insecurities that I whole heartedly wished, prayed, hoped, tried to get rid of,

PS: I really want to change my blog layout but what the F, I really suck at it!!

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