9/1/15 fashion


6:52 PMAlaina

Three months has passed by since my college graduation, it's terrifying to face the fact that I have yet to land an interview.. which led me to conclude that post grad depression is hitting home hard.

For the first time ever, I will not be going back to school, which is something that I still need time to get use to. I need to start living the "professional" adult life.. I guess. But DAYYYUUM, I am missing those school days so much. Although I've always hated the concept of schooling, but I must admit that I loved the school-dorm life experience. I did not regret a bit about living in dorms through my college years, it really was one of the best experiences in my life thus far. 

One thing that I loved about college was the fact that you could wear absolutely whatever the heck you wanted, to the point where you would careless about the way people look at you, because the truth is, no one actually cares. Comfort was and still is a huge deal for me when it comes to styling outfits. I swear by wearing something that you feel comfortable in, so that you could really bring out your own sense of style. 

Nothing screams comfort to me more than sneakers, especially the slip-on ones. I had a pair of slip-on sneakers that lasted me three freaking long college years ( I recommend slip-on sneakers from VANS). I can't love sneakers enough, my recent new purchase was a pair of walking shoes from Reebok, which I styled a couple of back to school outfits with, enjoy!

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