9/28/15 life


3:00 AMAlaina

When you get hit down hard, real hard, remember that you have more than enough strength to get back up. Back to when I was a sophomore in college, I applied to this E-retail fashion company - the only interaction I had with them was no more than a simple phone screening. Okay FINE, I moved on from that rejection. To chase after my "ideal" job whatever, I applied again after college, which is just a few weeks ago, not too long ago or anything. This time around though, I applied for two different positions only because I did not hear back from the first position in weeks. So I thought I would give myself another chance..WRONG. AINT nobody else giving me a chance, I just found that I got rejected by the HR for both of the positions, literally two days after the first rejection. LORD has mercy on me PLEASE.  Maybe it's a way of telling me that it's not meant to be. NOPE

Let's MOVE on, moving on...

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