9/24/15 life

The toughest yet the most rewarding.

2:58 AMAlaina

I was lost because I didn't have the courage to choose, I didn't have the courage to open new doors. I was limiting myself, I was holding back my beliefs, my values. And when there's something that you feel so strongly about, listen to your heart and it will lead you to where you're exactly meant to be. A place where you would be happily living the meaningful and impactful life. 

"If you're ever given the choice between a fancy, high paying job at a company run by people with questionable motives - or a less prestigious job at a company doing good work in the world--choose the second option. You'll always regret it if you don't. You'll never regret it if you do".

                                       Best of luck to all of us in pursuing our life goals,
Alaina ;)

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