10/27/16 being me

the extroverted side of me

8:10 PMAlaina

you.. it was you who brought out the extroverted side of me, a side I am usually very incapable of showing in front of strangers. But you somehow brought it out of me with that incredibly charming personality of yours.. so of course, I thank you for bringing out that side of me for others to see. It has been a part of me that I tend to naturally hide from others for the longest time, a side that I didn't know how to show, but now it's all so natural for me to just be me, whatever I feel like being. Thank you for showing me the way and somehow brought out the potential that I wasn't able to see in myself.

I am the type of person... the type of person who could be soo cold to strangers.. but once I develop feelings for someone.. I do not know how/ if I could let them go... I fell for you, you are such a nice DUDE!!

Okay, so I found out that he is.. in fact, not gay, but, I think he has a girlfriend already. I mean, that is totally fine! I am happy for him.. altho I am quite heart broken, he's no longer as interactive as he was before.. Fine, I get where this is going and I am not trying to make it worse. I am about to resign in two weeks and I just.. just wishing, hoping, and praying that he doesn't take anymore PTO off. I just want to see his pretty face for as long as I can...He showed me how to see things in a different light and I am totally grateful for that.

I never imagined meeting a stranger as amazing as he is :) and I am totally glad that I did.

it is not all that bad being single after all, embrace it!

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