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Sun.☮Aug. 18☮2013 ღ Now... my first?

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This is my first review on makeup products (well, I did a review on makeup tools), though it's not gonna be as sufficient or full of a review as from other makeup junkies(sry for the lack of a better term), but at least I know what works and what doesn't hheheeh. Lately, I've been on the hunt for blushes! I don't really know how this near-obsession started, probably for curing the dead-looking face I've been wearing ...I don't usually 'test' out makeup products because I really don't have much interest in them! Weird! Ain't I a girl?! Yes I am, but I rather test out skincare products than makeup. 
Makeup is to luxury as skincare is to necessity to me (I know it kinda doesn't make sense). 
Not only do I have no interest in makeup to begin with but the fact that I have super acne prone skin just makes makeup that much more unattractive to me. Also, I HATE the feel of foundation on my whole face, just thinking of that makes me super uncomfortable, that heavy, sticky feeling covering up all my acne, I fear as if my acne's going to erupt like an volcano at some point after being covered for too long. (or it might be just that I just haven't found the right foundation, and I doubt I ever will, but we can never rule out what's in the future right, dont lose faith lalalalaaa~) 
However, if you were to ask me about the best concealers and eyeliners I know of, I can assure you that you won't be disappointed at what I recommend :P 
Well, actually, no..I do not hate all makeup products, I do like lippies, as in lip-stains, which are long lasting and feels as light as feather. 
 Anyway, let's go back to blush hunting...after (years) of watching tons of beauty videos on Youtube, I think I know enough about what a good blush should be like. The most raved about 'high-end' blushes are either from NARS or Benefit (/MAC), which I have yet to try any. As someone who's not at all obsessed with makeup, drugstore is always a better bet.

(all photos are from top- flash to bottom- no flash)
First stop : Target
DO NOT BUY. Yes, I am superb guilty about this, I bought this thinking it was a 'great' deal. And later I realized I wasted $2.47 on the  worst makeup product everrrrrr!!! Not only was it COLORLESS when applied on the skin, it totally BROKE me out, on BOTH of my cheeks, HECK!!!!!!!! no wonder it was on sale. Not gonna try out Maybelline face products for quuuuuite a while.
Wet n Wild blush in Pearlescent Pink: bought it from Walgreens on sale for $2 (not everything on sale is bad :p) , worth every penny! It's quite pigmented and the color is build-able. It gives a natural, orangy tint to my cheeks. It does contain some shimmer but it's not too obvious.  LOVE it very much, quite long lasting as well.
You can see it for your self, the top one is Maybelline Fit Me, the bottom one is WnW. I really tried hard to rub that Maybelline blush on, but it just looks like some sort of light discoloration I have on my hand.
Wet n Wild blush in Mellow Wine : I haven't opened it yet, but heard good reviews about it too. The color looks perfect for the colder seasons.
Wet n Wild Eye-shadows in Eggshell: This one also has great reviews online, and it sure did not disappoint a bit. The texture of these are very similar to some of the Urban Decay shadows I own. Very pigmented and velvety smooth to the touch. One complain I have though, the 'brow' one is quite powdery, it needs more applications to get as pigmented as the bottom two- crease&eyelid.
Sorry for the lack of blog post lately- (for those who wondered), something happened and I had to learn it the hard way-like always. But getting back to 'business' now.
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