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Thurs.☮Aug. 8☮2013 ღ Nay for back to school!!!

6:11 PMAlaina

Grrrr, it's back to school season again?!  Wasn't it just like 2 months ago when my summer vacation started? I haven't had enough rest yet and school's already starting :(. When it comes to school (college), all that I wish I had an unlimited of is --------------drum-roll-------- time T______T. Time always seems to be the number one issue for me, I don't time have to sleep, I don't time to study, and....and... AND....I don't have time to pick out what I want to wear!! Picking out outfits to wear on a daily basis on school days can be quite stressful, especially when I barely have 1/4 of my closet with me on campus, and I am one of those people who always sleep til the very last second. So if I could, I would pick out my outfit the night before, yes, that's the way I roll. My school style can be sum up in two words- comfy and quick.

If you feel like picking out something nice to wear is eau-so stressful as well, here's a video I made for BACK TO SCHOOL outfit ideas. 

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