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Thus.☮Aug. 1☮2013 ღ Wish my mind could give just me a break

12:26 AMAlaina

Gosh, it's August ALREADY?! Time really does fly...who would ever doubt.
最近常看见444这数字。。唉,其实我一直不迷信(没‘一直’啦,通常),只是有时候真的控制不了我的胡思乱想。。有时候我觉得我是真的要疯了!!! 烦死了!
Most of the time, I feel that writing a blog post is my way of letting things out (so if you got no one to talk to or got no one that would listen, do the same, cuz most strangers are curious about what another stranger has to say), it is when I am the most relaxed, the time when I don't feel pressured to do what I do, thus it's also when I am the most truthful to myself. Being true to yourself is not always easy, let alone others (in terms of expressing your inner thoughts to others).  We tend to lie, even to ourselves, to make us feel better.. for just that moment, 就是所谓的自欺欺人。

Sometimes when something bad happen once in a while, we would carelessly play it off as "yeah, sh*t happens" or "when life throws you lemons, make lemonade" or something like that. Sometimes bad things tend to happen more than often, then we say "sh*tS do happen, huh..interesting..." Then what if you feel like sh*ts happen everyday?! isn't it time to say "I can't take these sh*ts anymore? like seriously. why me!" right? 

Right, absolutely. IF you are a picky person, you can literally pick out something bad from your daily life. It would be a no brainer for me to pick some sh*t out everyday in my life to make my days sh*tty/sh*ttier, easy- I've never lived with a clear face since 10+ years ago, imagine if I was sh*tting about my face everyday for the past 10+ years, could I have survived? probably. could I have gone insane? most likely. Cos I have prove, read on.  

So what I really want to say is, the right perspective and attitude are what get you through rough times, although you may not be the strongest physically, but most of the times it is the mental toughness that's the strongest of all.

First of all, if these pics were tooo disgusting, I deeply apologize.......
Not gonna lie, I was a bit hesitant on posting these pics, but meh!  it's a sh*tty life after all, jk hahah. 
This is what I call 'Years of Battles with Acne' that to this date, no one knows who won. Theses pics have little to no editing done, cos this is REAL stuff man.

Well, you may have asked "How did she managed to keep a smile on all those pics" right? What are you supposed to you when you pose for pictures? cry? No, you need to smile as big as you can!

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