Weds.☮Aug. 21☮2013 ღ I wish I didn't know..

1:47 AMAlaina

This is WRONG, so wrong... I came across this news and  I am totally SHOCKED, knowing that 'animal side' of ours could be so cold.. so cold that it burns.

As many of you know, America is known as the "land of freedom”, and of course I couldn't agree more when I came from a country that wasn't so 'free'. Yes, freedom is great, it gives you a sense of more opportunities and options as to what you want to do and what you are allowed to do. But sometimes 'freedom' can get TOO free.

When I took an intro to philosophy course as a freshman, WOW! it was eye-opening and soooo life-changing shall I say. I loved that topic, that deeper and meaningful thoughts on life and how to truly live our lives just BLEW my mind, I am kinda very into that stuff. Most of us seem to be blindfolded by this materialistic world of ours, it's hard for us to look beyond the true meanings in life and understand how we should really live it. Some people take life as a joke and choose to put their lives to waste. I mean there's nothing wrong with what YOU choose to do with YOUR LIFE as long as the life YOU choose to live doesn't interfere with what others choose to do with theirs. If there's a person who choose to live for his dream and travel across the globe in order to pursuit that dream, he's life should never be taken down by some people who apparently had NO LIFE. It's so very wrong that Christopher Lane's life + dream were lost in the hands of those who chose to no longer live a life- for that, they lost their hearts and souls. The reason that they gave- ('for fun') for their act was as meaningless as their lives, they saw taking away somebody's life as a THING - to them life is a THING, and NOTHING else.

It's very troublesome to me knowing that there are people out there who look at life as a 'thing' that can be taken away at anytime as one pleases.

                ☮May Christopher Lane rest in peace. ☮

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.

We shall make the present count

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